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Tyrone Mayfield: Ruby's boyfriend

Strikingly handsome and suave, He looks out Tyrone can and will get any woman he wants. Many love him but few really know him and he would like to keep it that way.

Indigo Sapphire Jones



STONE: Indigo's uncle

Stone struggles daily to determine what is real and what is not.But otherwise, he is not dangerous unless....he is provoked. 

Ruby: Indigo's mother

Provocative, Flirtatious, and selfish, Ruby is not a candidate for Mother of the Year and she couldn't care less. Ruby only wants someone to take care of her. If it's not about Ruby, there is no point.

Indigo: Main Character

Indigo's complicated life is chronicled from birth, as she makes her way through adulthood dealing with her parent's rejection and her uncle's

 instability.She seeks to find love and acceptance in the midst of the chaos. Her journey will make your heart ache and your blood boil as she deals with the best and the worst of mankind. Whether she is wrong or right, you will want her to win!

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